Sunday, 27 February 2011

Mother daughter time

I have always made an effort to spend time individually with my children and yesterday it was a day out going round the shops in Manchester with my 16 year old daughter, L. We had a good catch up...catch up sounds strange seen as we live in the same house..but sometimes its like ships that pass in the night with us, she is either at college, doing course work or chatting to her friends online upstairs or out at her friends houses, so a day out together gives us a chance to talk properly with no interruptions...and of course have a good look round the shops :).

Yesterday she took me to Afflecks..its lots of shops in an old warehouse, that sell everything from antiques to body piercing...must admit there were some strange things on sale but I loved it, cant believe that I have lived here 10 years now and never been in!...and yes, being the typical teenager she succeeded in getting me to get my purse out lol.

The weather was pretty cold and windy, but the sun did come out and we sat in Piccadilly Garden's for a while, listening to buskers and watching people go by...people watching is another one on my favourite pastimes.

L in Piccadilly Gardens
As usual, I didnt get much for myself ( I need lessons in how to spend on myself and not the rest of the family..anyone know of any?) but did get a new baking book with 200 recipes for Muffins and Cupcakes, so that should keep my mid-life crisis, (as my daughter calls it) going for a while.

Now its off to recover, my feet feel like they have been on a week's hike, not a walk round the shops... while looking forward to the next one :)

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