Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Well here we go!

Well here we go, my first post in my new blog. This is a place where I can write down my thoughts and feelings about everyday life, which for me mainly means family life, genealogy and all the usual highs and lows of life.

I am also hoping to include some of my discoveries from doing my family tree. I have always been interested in family history but it was when my grandmother died that I got into it seriously, I realised I had missed out on the chance to ask her more about her life and what she could remember about her family, so the journey began. I have not found anyone famous, or discovered a lost family fortune, but I have found out a lot about my ancestors lives and how they lived, along with a few skeletons in the cupboard (my favourite part!)

Along with all the family research, or as my kids call it "collecting dead people"..most of my time is spent with youngest child ( well he is a teenager now, not allowed to call him a child lol), has high functioning autism/aspergers syndrome and it has been a long , sometimes hard, journey...but he is an amazing person who has made us all very proud and we wouldnt have him any other way. I also have a 2 year old grandson, J, who is just adorable, he lives with my daughter a few hours away, so dont get to see him as often as I would like, but my daughter either comes here or I go there for a few days most months.

My grandmother  (age 4), Helen Dixon, who started my interest in family history.
Well thats all for now, off to design my blog layout etc and hopefully make it look I have some idea of what I am doing.

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