The Clan

Welcome to the Clan, or my family as other people refer to them as.

This is just plain old me, a mother of 4 and grandmother of 1. Feel way too young to be a nana but would not change it for the world. I am Scottish but been living in England for 10 years now, one day I will hopefully get back over the right side of the border.
Next to me is my daughter L.

This is my 20 year old daughter, E and my 2 year old grandson J. They live 3 hours away by train so don't see them as often as I would like but am so proud of how she is coping being a mum, and of course I love spoiling J :)

This is my 16 year old daughter L. The picture was taken when she was going to her prom and can tell you there was a tear in my eye, ok a few tears, when I saw how gorgeous and grown up she looked. She is at college doing her A levels and wants to be a midwife, I am sure she will realise her ambitions.

This is my 14 year old son C. He was diagnosed with high functioning autism when he was 3. He has overcome many problems and life has been hardwork with many ups and downs but we could not be prouder of him. He is an amazing boy with ambitions of being a games developer and shows all the signs of succeeding. He made his own website when he was 7 and has taught himself c++ programming.Enough said!. He is now at high school and is sitting some of his GCSE's early.

I also have a 22 year old daughter N. She also shows all the signs of high functioning autism but has never been diagnosed. She contracted Chronic Fatigue Syndrome during her last 2 years at high school, where for a year she couldnt even get of bed most mornings. As a result she didn't get many exam results but persevered and is now a fully qualified nursery nurse. She has been abroad doing nanny work and is not long home and is currently looking for a job, so wishing her all the luck :) There is no picture of her as she hates cameras even more than me and I will have to get one when she isnt this space!

Well welcome to the Clan..hope you enjoy reading about the ups and downs of our everyday lives x