Friday, 1 April 2011

School update and son's review

This is an update to last post. Went to the school this morning for C's review and to argue his case for not being made to change his subjects and think we have things sorted out..fingers crossed!

The review came first, where they discuss how he is doing in class, his grades and how he is getting on at school in general. Surprise surprise, he is doing excellent in Maths, Sciences, ICT, Media and Graphics..and struggling in English, Religious Education and Citizenship. Found myself having to explain AGAIN why this is (we do this every year), about how he struggles with hand writing and any subject that is related to "how and why people think and act the way they do" and that the reason he is so good at maths, science etc is that it is facts and figures.

At every review in the past there has always been an instance of where C does his "saying it as it is" thing,  and I find myself either trying not to laugh or looking for a hole in the floor to climb under. Today it seemed we were going to avoid that one, till his learning mentor asked him " Why do you think you do not do very well in Citizenship C?" I had a feeling that his answer would not just be "because I dont understand it"..and was right. Answer was " Cos the teacher doesn't teach us anything, how are we meant to learn anything when she only says 2 sentences?" 
Mentor " I am sure that isnt right C, are you sure?"
C's answer " I am not stupid, I know what I hear, she says 2 sentences and then lets us just talk to eachother. What is the point of that?"
His mentor looked horrified and starting scribbling in her notes about having to check that Mrs X is teaching etc etc. I did try to explain that if she was asking the class to discuss something, this would not count as teaching to C as she was not teaching them facts and figures..but not sure she now got visions of poor Mrs X being interogated about her teaching methods and not having a clue what is going on!!

Now moving onto the subject of C having to drop something he is good at for something he will struggle with...the learning mentor backed out of that one and handed me over to the deputy head...lucky guy! He started off with the " this is the best thing for C etc etc and that the colleges will be making it hard for children without the EBacc to get on courses.", but it didn't wash with me. Sat and explained all the reasons it was not best for C, and told him I had already rung the college and they told me they cannot see them ever refusing a child places on software design, games devolpment and computer courses because they dont have the new EBacc. He wasnt expecting that one! So he told me that if I could get a letter in writing from the college saying that, he would make C an exception. 
He then went onto to say he cannot make it easy for C to not do the EBacc as it would open the flood gates for other parents to argue the case for their children. I said that I didnt go along with that, as due to C having been diagnosed with High Functioning Autism, the school should be making "reasonable adjustments" if it was in his best interests and not put him at a disadvantage because of it.
So now this is the stage we are at..if I get a letter from college they will let him stick to his current subjects..if the college wont write one they will let him keep his current subjects due to it being in his best interests due to his autism. Is it just me, or is it daft that we have to get the letter if they are going to make an exception even if we dont? Or is he hoping I will go away and forget about it if the letter can't be got?

If its the latter, he is out of luck, just rang the college again and their school liason officer sounded surprised at them asking me for proof. He said he wont write a letter but has told me to get the head to email him and he will tell him what he told now waiting on the school ringing me back again...oh what fun.

Want to jump and down for joy at winning...but dont think I will be able to do that until I have it in black and white from the school.

Thanks everbody for their support and advice this last few days..its great to know you are not on your own xx


  1. You know Susan, this is one thing I don't mind not having anymore, and that is fighting with schools and teachers about our children. One teacher when our son was in the 3rd grade told us our son sat and looked out the window when all the others were doing their work, that he was a day dreamer and had no spark and would never amount to anything. I told her it was her job to find his spark. I wish I could find that teacher now, said son, is now a cardiologist, so keeping fighting and by the way thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment. Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Mary Ann and following. I wish I could see that teachers face if you found them, well done on your son! When C is the next Bill Gates will take great pleasure in going back to the school and saying " and look, he did it without geography or history"! Hope you have a great weekend too x

  3. Congratulations on your win. It makes me so mad what you have to go through. You would think educators would get it.
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  4. Thanks Glynis, and thank you for following back :)