Friday, 22 April 2011

Enjoying the Sun...while it lasts

I have not been very active on my blogs or twitter this week..the cause of this? There has been a bright yellow ball in the sky that is giving out heat...from past memories I think it is what you call the sun. When living in the UK, this does not happen very often, so please excuse us Brits for our online absence..Don't worry, we will be back soon when our normal grey , wet weather returns.

C enjoying his ice cream
Believe it or not , it WAS very hot on the day above photo was taken, but he insisted on wearing his black jacket the whole time we were out!


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  2. Goodness woman - what an adorable photo!! Actually, in California, we just finished what I hope is the last for the summer of the dreary wet weather (knock on wood). And congrats on your nomination for the MAD Blog Awards!!!

  3. I am a new follower of your blog thru GFC, Twitter. I could not follow on FB because of a FB blog hop 2 weeks ago. I was "liking" away and I think I got to 10 sites then all of a sudden a box pops up saying I am spamming and they suspended my FB for 15 days! I am hoping today will be 15. It is if you count the weekends. I don't know because I can't get anyone to answer my questions. The people who run FB are very rude! At least answer the emails that are urgent. I lost alot of entries into contests along with not being able to follow anyone on FB or Networked Blogs. And for what??? Because I was on a FB only blog hop and we all signed up so that means you gave everyone permission to come over. That was something that was none of their business. They have criminals using the internet for porn and all kinds of dirty crap and they pick on a blogger??? Anyway, I am keeping a list of the bloggers who are going ahead and following FB now so they don't have to come back and once it is lifted I will go and follow all of you back. Or you can wait and let me follow you first. Whatever makes you comfortable is fine. Thanks for your help and have a great weekend.