Saturday, 16 April 2011

The Adventurer Returns (Pt 2)

If you haven't already read part 1, you can find it HERE

The next morning, when C had awoke, or rather when I awoke ( despite going to bed at 2am he was still up by 6.30am),I decided to unpack his case before the harder task of trying to find out what happened on this holiday. I was so happy to see worn boxers, socks, t shirts etc as this showed that he had listened and changed his clothes every day..all that worrying for nothing!! I was confused somewhat though when I saw his pyjamas were still neatly folded and obviously never been worn..was that why he had looked so tired, had he not slept??. Also noticed a distinct lack of a rain jacket I had bought him for going away with.

So off I went to tackle him, not the best thing to do when he is in the middle of a computer game, you are liable to get your head bitten off before he storms out the door as you pull the plug. Not today however, I managed to catch him on one of his journeys traveling from PC to kitchen. First I tackled the matter of the unworn pyjamas. 
"C, why did you not wear the new pyjamas?"
Answer" Why would I want to wear them, they are like a suit and who wears a suit to bed?"
C usually has pyjamas where both parts are made of material similar to t shirts, but this new pair, that he had approved of remember, had cotton bottoms, like dress shirt cotton. I never thought that with his sensory issues they would "feel" wrong..note to one self,do not repeat mistake.
Then the missing coat. "C where is the new coat I got you?"
Answer"How am I meant to know, if it is not in my bag it must be on the ferry or the coach, where else would it be?"
Silly me!. If anyone happens to be on a SeaFrance Ferry in the forseeable future and see a rain jacket that folds into its own pocket so you can conveniently fasten it round your waist when not using, could you please forward it have no idea how long it took to find one that felt and looked right!!!

Serious stuff over, I , with the help of his older sister , moved onto what he had done on his holiday and if he had enjoyed it. We started with Disneyland, asking what rides he had gone on.
Answer" You know, stuff"
"What stuff exactly, did you go on rollercoasters?"
"Duh, course I went on rollercoasters, I am hardly going to go on the teacups am I?"
He found it very amusing when me and his sister said we would..well?, they look like fun.
I then asked if he went on Space Mountain, the only ride I could think of considering I have never been. I struck lucky!
"Yes, but I banged my head and hurt my you know they had a sign up saying not to go on if you had neck and back problems..whats the point of that if it GIVES you neck and back problems?" Not a lot you can say to that one is there?

Now time to move onto his day in Paris, the school said they would be sightseeing, going on a boat, shopping and having a tour of Paris at night.
Q "Did you go up the Eiffel Tower?"
A "No, but we went up a big building with 56 floors and they made us get the lift when there were stairs"
I dont know about you, but I would take the lift any day if it was 59 flights! He couldnt remember the name but from photos off the net we think it was the Tour Montparnasse.

When asked if they went shopping he said, yes, so we asked what kind of shops did they see.
A" A strange Chinese shop selling noodles and a protein shop"
When questioned further the protein shop sold great big boxes of protein and tubs of the stuff too..and yes, there were lots of clothes shops but they were boring.
Shopping Paris Style.

Was the boat trip any better? No, " It was boring as you just sat while it went up the river and you had to look at buildings that are the same everywhere" Again, he could have a point, if you have seen a building you have seen them all.

What did you have to eat? " Breakfast at hotel was good as there was cake, but in Paris I had a yoghurt that tasted like it had been out the fridge for 2 weeks." When asked if he was sure it wasnt a tub of sour cream he had picked up he was disgusted we could think he would make a mistake like that saying it was pink..again, I guess he has a point.(Note to one self, if in France go to same hotel, cake for breakfast sounds good.)

Finally, we asked about the Tour of Paris by Night..A "Driving about in a bus round Paris is not what I would call a tour..borrriinggg" Personally I would love to see it all lit up at night.

From all the above you might be excused from thinking that C did not have a very good time at all, but despite all this he says he enjoyed it and didn't miss us, except for maybe a tiny little bit.

Watch out next week for the photos of his trip, I gave him a disposable camera and so far from what he has said he took some photos of the hotel bedroom..and maybe one of Paris.

Seriously though C, we are very proud of how well you coped on your first trip away and the fact you enjoyed yourself is even better xxx


  1. Oh that is a lovely post so pleased he coped and enjoyed himself. Even if to C it was boring

  2. Glad C had a good time. Your quesions and answers made me chuckle as I recognised the logic from my own children.

  3. Thank you both. I think he coped better than me lol