Thursday, 10 March 2011

It's days like these that make it all worthwhile :)

Quotes I have just had one of those days where I am grinning from ear to ear and thinking I have the best kids in the world :)

It started this morning, when my 16 year old, L, came downstairs and said she had to log onto her college's intranet to check her exam results. She is doing the first year of her A levels, with the ambition of doing Midwifery when college is over. She was really nervous, saying she was scared to look and when she plucked up the courage she found out they weren't going to be there for another hour...was a LONG hour! Finally the time came and I sat with a big beam on my face...she got A's and B's...she sat miserable about the one she didnt do so well on (this is only the first part, she has more in June then another year) with me telling her how proud I was of her and that she still had plenty of time to build up her mark for her Maths.

Now picture a totally different situation, C, my 14 year old who has high functioning autism/asperger's, came in from school with the usual "fine", "stop being nosey" etc etc when I asked how his day had gone. He proceeded to talk about something totally disconnected with school and then at the end of it all just threw in " by the way I got an A and A* for my tests". He had sat some biology GCSE's a year early at the beginning of the year and these were the ones he meant. He hadnt told me the results were due , infact when he sat the exams he could not understand why I was saying good luck, as " I know it so why do I need good luck"...well guess he was right about the knowing it part.

So one child who can't sleep , stresses and gets worried about sitting the exams and always does well...and another who acts like it is nothing special and cannot understand why I am so interested and feeling so proud...anyway, all I know is I am one proud Mum!! :)))


  1. Enjoy your 'proud mum' moment and well done to your children as well:-))

  2. Such a contrast between the siblings - one who worries and does well and the other who doesn't really worry at all and still does well!! The one who doesn't worry is supposed to do less well - unless they have Asperger's! Such a great story. No wonder you're so proud. Could you tell me your secrets? I'd like to use them on my son! ;)

  3. Thanks Karen and as for my secrets, no idea why he doesnt get stressed, sorry that's not much help lol. He hasnt always been like that, in primary school I had to drag him kicking and screaming, those days seem like a distant memory..luckily he seems to be ok with high school, but to the point where we never know what is happening as he tells us NOTHING! He still gets stressed at times and has meltdowns, but saves them for home x