Friday, 25 March 2011

Something to look forward to

Well its coming to the end of another week, and we all like something to look forward to for the week to come. A nice shopping trip, a day out to the country perhaps, a visit from friends, you get my drift..well mine arrived in the form of a letter from C's school, informing me it's his review day next Friday and asking me to attend.

Review day is where we meet his learning mentor to discuss how he is getting on in his subjects, if his grades are what they expected and if he has any problems with school life in general. So what's the big deal? you may ask. Well you have never been to a review day with C.

Review day in first year at high school went something like this.
"How are you finding things at school C?"
answer "Fine, what do you expect?"
"Are you enjoying your lessons?"
answer " Who enjoys school?"
The rest of the questions got similar answers,with the mentor sitting scratching her head. I said my thank you's and we got up to leave with C shouting back at her " I think you should check your hair, when my sister was scratching her head she had nits"
Exit one red faced mum and one 12 year old who was oblivious to anyone else's reactions.

Second year at high school's review day went slightly better, well at least he gave answers that consisted of more than "Fine",and this mentor didn't scratch her head. His grades were great and he told her what his favourite subjects were, so I started to relax...too soon! 
The mentor asked " Do you know why you are doing better at French than in Spanish? Is there a problem in Spanish?" 
Answer " Well its your fault, you gave me the weirdest teacher" After an awkward pause she asked in what way was the teacher weird.
Answer" Well she is deaf or stupid, people all talk and she doesn't even notice or doesn't know we aren't meant to talk in class, maybe you should tell her" After my face started to look less like a fried tomato I explained to the mentor that C finds it very hard to concentrate with noise going on around him and when you tell him rules like "don't talk in class" he will follow them to the T and that this is all related to his autism. He was shortly afterwards moved to a different group and things settled down.

So now the letter has dropped through the letterbox for his third year review and for some strange reason I am a bit nervous about what to expect. I told him today we have to go for the review next Friday. Answer " I do know that, not like its any big deal"..well I may beg to differ on that one.

Look out for updates next Friday , from the mum with even more grey hair and the wine bottle in her hand.

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